About MS

May 17, 2016

About MS

MS stands for multiple sclerosis, a disease of the central nervous system affecting more young adult Australians than any other neurological condition.

Who gets MS?

People are typically diagnosed in their twenties and thirties, with the average age of diagnosis being only 30. Interestingly three times more women are affected by MS than men and it is more common in cooler climates.

In Australia, over 23,000 people currently have MS, however this figure is increasing as diagnosis methods become more advanced.

What are the typical symptoms of MS?

Symptoms of MS are unpredictable and change from person to person, and from time to time in the same person. Some of the symptoms of MS may include:

  • tiredness
  • blurry vision
  • loss of balance and muscle coordination
  • slurred speech
  • difficulty walking
  • short-term memory loss
  • tingling and numbness or in severe cases tremors and paralysis

Can MS be cured?

MS is a lifelong disease for which a cure is yet to be found. However, doctors and scientists are making discoveries in treating and understanding MS everyday and research to find a cure is very encouraging.

While supporting this search for a cure, MS Queensland also provides information and advice on the treatments available, which means people with MS can better manage their symptoms.

Meet People Living With MS

Scott Manix

Living with MS for 4 years

On receiving the news from my doctor, a rush of many emotions flooded my mind. When I looked over to see my beautiful wife and the tears in her eyes it was there and then I decided I was not going down without a massive fight.


Rachel Kerr

Living with MS for 11 years

MS is a constant struggle between what I would like to do and what I am able to do and it presents new challenges every day.



Gary Allen

Living with MS for 17 years

It’s a strange thing indeed to be told you have MS, one minute you have a relatively normal life ahead of you, the next you’re facing enormous challenges and uncertainty.



Kate Casey

Living with MS for 11 years

Without the support of MS Queensland, I wouldn’t have the inspiration and incredible friendships or the amazing support network that’s been developed across the region.


Jenny Parker

Living with MS for 6 years

I am so grateful I did, as the help and guidance I received was of great comfort and I knew I was in good hands.