Funds raised in May support life-saving research

We are excited to announce that $17,302 was raised in May alone, for MS research. These funds will allow us to continue to fund vital research projects happening in Queensland.

Every dollar raised through Team Cure MS goes directly to funding life-saving research to create a world free from MS and it’s devastating effects.

For example, over the past three years Professor Alan Baxter from James Cook University in Townsville has been looking at how gene networks interact to increase the risk of someone developing MS. He’s found that by changing specific gene pathways, we may be able to protect people from this risk, bringing us closer than ever to finding an effective treatment.

The funds raised through Team Cure MS will allow researchers like Professor Baxter and his team to advance this promising research and other critical projects like this, changing lives and giving hope to so many people.

Without the support of our Team Cure MS community, we simply cannot carry out world-class research like Professor Alan Baxter’s, which is taking place right here in Queensland.

$36 could fund one immune cell testing kit which helps to find better treatments

$75 could buy essential research equipment to store blood samples, giving scientists the best shot at finding a cure

$147 could fund crucial genome screening kits to investigate genetic changes and improve our understanding of the progression of MS

$204 can cover the cost of a dedicated research assistant for half a day.


Together we will beat MS!


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