Terms & Conditions

September 6, 2016

Persons registering for Team Cure MS must agree to the following:

1) In consideration of MS Queensland permitting me to register for Team Cure MS, and as a condition of such registration, I release MS Queensland, its servants and agents and their contractors, from all claims for injury, loss or damage of whatever kind I might suffer as a result of any acts or omissions whether negligent or otherwise of MS Queensland, its servants or agents and their contractors, in relation to the event.

2) I consent to campaign organisers using my name, image and likeness and any profile page information I have provided, before, during or after the event for event promotional broadcasting or reporting purposes in any media.

3) MS Queensland respects your privacy and complies with the Australian Privacy Principles under the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 (as amended) (the Act).

We take seriously how we collect, use, protect and exchange or disclose your personal information (including sensitive and health information).

MS Queensland has developed this Privacy Policy (approved at Board level) as well as detailed procedures that outline how we manage personal information.

The primary purpose for collecting personal information may be one (or more) of the following activities/functions:
• providing care and services to clients;
• fundraising and events; and
• promotional activities and information/education services.

Your personal information may also be used for purposes directly related to those listed above, or for another specific purpose for which it was requested and which was advised to you in the collection process.

Personal information will not be disclosed to a third party without your consent except where permitted and required under the Act. All personal information held by MS Queensland will be stored securely and protected from unauthorised access and use.

MS Queensland will take all reasonable steps to ensure information is accurate and up-to-date and encourages volunteers, employees, clients, donors, participants, customers, enquirers, business partners, suppliers and online users to update information by calling MS Queensland on (07) 3840 0828 or by emailing MS Queensland at TeamCureMS@msqld.org.au.